Post-production studio


The transformation of the digital advertising ecosystem has led us to adapt to its new uses. We are fully aware of the issues related to digital and we perform every part of the post production process together with you on these topics with flexibility and responsiveness.


Make the difference ! Thanks to our team of editors who rely on our polyvalent and highly adap-tive editing rooms, we help you to enhance the final cut of your projects.


We are like our clients… always demanding. That’s why we like to tweak the details and aesthe-tics of the projects we handle. Our After graphic designers take care of you to ensure the best finalization of your films by bringing all their technical and artistic know-how. You can count on our experienced Flame artists to bring the touch of magic and care needed to magnify your work and meet your standards beyond expectations.

Studio 2D/3D/Motion Design

Advising, creating, innovating and modeling are our lifeblood when we develop and carry out 2D or 3D projects from concept to completion. For more than 15 years, we bring all our expertise to sublimate our visual effects or our textures and imagine ever more complex animations. Every day, we create reality with rigor and passion.

Nodal – In/Out

Working as a nerve center for the transit of our files, our Nodal facilitates exchanges and technical manufacturing (generation of masters, compressions, duplications, management of storage servers in all formats …).


At Back-Up, we are obsessed with the image rendering and we strive to ensure that the end result reflects the creative will of our clients.